About Airsoft

If you’ve stumbled across our site or have been wondering what your mates, colleagues or family members are going on about then let’s tell you what Airsoft is.

Airsoft is a sport/hobby that uses Real Imitation Firearms, RIFs, that fire 6mm bb’s at varying powers.

More importantly it is a game of honour & honesty. Unlike Paintball when you get shot in Airsoft there isn’t some bright coloured paint on your body to let people know you’ve been hit but you will feel or hear it depending on what you’re wearing. Because of that we do rely on people to play fairly & if you’ve been hit have the courage to take it, accept that someone got the drop on you & learn from it so next time you get them instead.

Airsoft is for everyone & you can involve yourself as much as you like. I’ve known people that have played 4 or 5 times a year so don’t own their own weapons & rent from the sites they visit but have played Airsoft for years. Then you have the other end of the spectrum where a player will spend thousands on the latest & greatest kit because that’s what works for them. We even know of a player who plays in his electric wheelchair so no matter what background or you’re ability if you’re curious about Airsoft then give it a try & see.

Airsoft generally has 3 different types of Game Days:

  • Skirmish. This is your most common Game Day. At a Skirmish you can have up to 200 players sometimes more if the Site has the room. The Site will then split all players into 2 teams & after a Safety Brief you will venture out into the game area. The day is split usually into 3 to 4 different games/scenarios with a lunch time & a break at the end of each game.
  • Battle Sim. Battle Sims are usually a middle ground between your Skirmish & Mil Sim, the third Game Day type. These are a little more structured than a Skirmish & will last an entire day. There is still a Lunch time break & a Safe Zone to grab more ammo etc but the day will just be one big game with objectives to achieve throughout the day.
  • Mil Sim. This is probably what you’d call your hardcore game day. In fact some Mil Sim games can last a full 24, 36 or even 48 hours! With this type of game it is treated like a real Military Operation so there will be strict rules on clothing worn & even limits on the amount of ammo you can carry as everything you need has to be carried with you. You will sleep in the field which has the possibility of you being attacked during the night but can also have periods of patrolling with no action so this really gives you a different game & level of immersion you won’t have had before. If you’ve always been curious on how real Ops work & what the boys & girls in uniform have to do then this is probably the closest you’ll get to it. If you’re a Veteran & have somehow missed this aspect of our old life then give it a go as well. A lot of Mil Sim events are run by Veterans & so the Scenarios & the way they are run are from real life experiences.

So that’s your basic rundown of what Airsoft is. We hope this has been informative for you & if you have any further questions then you can contact us or hit up the numerous Facebook pages & Forums online.