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We all love Pyro! Pyro has both its pros & cons in the game. Recently though we came across a post from Airtac UK with their new selection of 3D printed TSG. What is it? The Airtac UK TSG is a reusable Airsoft Impact Grenade. Instead of primers though the

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Bio BB experiment

So the players I speak to that don’t use Bio BB’s say it’s due to hearing that they bloat over time causing jams & leaving gunk in your pew pew etc. So we at ADK decided to put these sorts of rumours to the test. Also, these days we have

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Many shooters, especially Door Kickers, love a bit of a bang to put into a room or hallway before entry. Something that can either clear a blind-spot or hard to reach area. It’s an especially good tactic if you’re running solo & if you have a room that peels off

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ASG MK23 – The Silent Shot

Over my years of Airsofting I, like many others have owned a number of pistols. Glocks, Sigs & a few 1911s, but nothing has come close to this amazing game changer. This is Airsoft’s answer to the real-world Heckler & Koch Mk23. Part of the H&K .45 family the real-world

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Helikon Level 7 Winter Jacket

Now although some of you may not wish to brave the snow & ice for a shoot it does offer a unique experience, one that I have enjoyed myself on a few occasions. Now before the doom & gloom that is 2020 ADK had travelled overseas testing the Helikon Level

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Tippman M4 Carbine

Box Fresh The Tippmann M4 feels amazing straight out of the box & lives up to the hype it’s getting. In the box you get: 1x Tippmann M4 1x CO2 Mag Some basic parts A HPA conversation kit The owners handbook Packet of lubricating oil The construction is mainly CNC

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