About Us

The AirsoftDoorKicker Team consists of Richie, Kyle & James, 3 friends that have played Airsoft together for almost 10 years now.

Richie & Kyle first met whilst serving together in the Royal Air Force in the mid noughties whilst James comes from an Army background, bless him. These days we all have & have had very different jobs but we all bring something to AirsoftDoorKicker.

We want to bring something we feel is lacking to our favourite Sport. We are tired of seeing reviews from people that sometimes only focus on a particular brand but that only show all the pros & little to no cons which leads to people sinking hard earned money into said product to find it really doesn’t suit their play style or it just doesn’t live up to that review due to the bias of the review. This kind of review isn’t good for players or manufacturers as the old saying goes, ‘once bitten, twice shy’.

So from us you will only find honest, open reviews on kit & all things Airsoft related &, where we can, a coherent place that says exactly where you can find these bargains & gems that can really change the way you play & give you the most enjoyment on whatever field you’re on.

Essentially AirsoftDoorKicker is by players for the players so keep your heads on a swivel & enjoy.

Lastly if you are a Manufacturer or Creator of Airsoft Kit however big or small you are & whatever it may be & you would like us to review something for you then please get in touch.