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Many shooters, especially Door Kickers, love a bit of a bang to put into a room or hallway before entry. Something that can either clear a blind-spot or hard to reach area. It’s an especially good tactic if you’re running solo & if you have a room that peels off in 2 different directions once through the entry point. It’s a force multiplier if you have the element of surprise & some pyro you have a good chance of securing the position & staying alive. So sit back as we give you the Intel on the TRMR, the bang that’s giving the BFG’s market leaders a run for their money.

First looks

The TRMR is an amazingly compact BFG that you can adapt for whatever fight you have in mind. It comes with multiple base options that allow it to hold 209, 9mm & 12 guage blanks. They also come in a number of colours for whatever takes your fancy & even has a multishot base option that allows more bang before you have to reload.

On closer inspection

For me these grenades are so good I carry two on my belt kit. I run them both with the multishot base option which is only available for the 209 primers but allows me to set off 6 primers, 3 per device, before I have to reload. Running with the multishot bases does give you a higher initial cost lay out but the additional versatility you get for me more than makes up for it. This also means if you like to run light you’re not having to carry additional pyro.

The system itself works really quite simply. All you do to arm the TRMR is twist to expose the plunger then just throw it into your target area. Once the plunger contacts a surface it pushes the firing pin into the primer & bang.

I have also wrapped mine in a highly reflective material to make finding them in darker areas even easier & to better identify them as mine.


The only real limitation to this grenade is it’s only really suitable for CQB or if you are outdoors then somewhere that is concreted as it will almost never go off on grass or soil type surfaces. If you are going to invest though we strongly recommend getting the multishot base as clearing a building is difficult when you have to constantly reload.

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