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We all love Pyro! Pyro has both its pros & cons in the game. Recently though we came across a post from Airtac UK with their new selection of 3D printed TSG.

What is it?

The Airtac UK TSG is a reusable Airsoft Impact Grenade. Instead of primers though the device uses Snap Bangers/Thunder Snaps which if you watched our test fire video on Facebook are surprisingly loud, in fact they’re about as loud as a 209.

What’s it like?

The device comes in no less than 5 bright colours, that personally I love as it means i’m not losing it anytime soon, as well as Black & Grey for those wanting a more tactical look.

These grenades cost just £17 but are made really well. I have used mine 15 times so far on hard surfaces & it hasn’t even got a scratch! On top of that it hasn’t failed to detonate once which shows the quality of the build.

Although similar in size to other BFG’s on the market the TSG only weighs 80 grams which is great if someone does get in the way as it’s not going to hurt them. Plus as it uses Snap Bangers there’s no flame on detonation which also removes the risk of fire.

To use the TSG you simply unscrew the cap, load your bang & screw it back on. The device is then live & ready to pop. At first I wasn’t sure about this so I loaded mine, put it in my usual pouch with other items, did some burpees & it didn’t go off so I’m more than happy with that.

The Snap Bangers are available on both Ebay & Amazon & you can get 45 for £10. 

As with all BFG type devices though these aren’t suitable for soft surfaces as they will struggle to go off but with that said it is the only down side we’ve found.

If you haven’t already we really suggest you take a look at Airtac UK’s range of products at http://airtac.me or their Facebook page & make sure to keep an eye out for further reviews we will be doing on this company.

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