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Warrior 901 Rig

In my opinion, weapon aside, there are only 2 pieces of kit that should be paramount to you. The first is your choice of load carrier & the second is your footwear. Get either of these things wrong & it can make or break you on the field & at times make you a less effective bringer of BB carnage if it’s not up to the task.

So we’ve all done it, spent hours & hours trawling through various forums or watched a film/tv program & had a burst of inspiration on a piece of load carrying equipment. Now that inspiration is often brought around because we just like what we see or because we fancy a change. At the end of the day do we really need an excuse to buy more kit! Occasionally though some of us have found something that just works far better than anything we’ve had before & no matter how hard we try nothing has beaten it. Well folks for me that is exactly what I have found.

With this in mind I would like to bring to your attention the Warrior 901 Chest Rig Platform. Now Warrior has been producing some brilliant kit for many years now that has always been tough, rugged & ready for anything so it was an easy choice for me when I started scouring for my new Rig. I came across this lovely bit of kit about 10 months ago after my last rig started to fall apart mid game, literally! It was my own fault as it was a rushed purchase after my team decided to go for a new camo & I went for the cheapest thing I could find in a hurry for our next game. I have used Warrior Assault Systems for many years now & must say I have never been disappointed with the quality so was pretty confident this investment would see me right & it has.

Now I know Warrior kit isn’t the cheapest, but we do enjoy the challenge of hiding our Airsoft spending from our significant others, but I’ve been through various Woodland & Urban sites in & out of some thick vegetation or even brushing against walls & trees over the last 10 months & it still looks as good today as the day I unpackaged it, thanks to the use of 500D Cordura, which I can’t say about some of my other setups over the years.

The 901 Platform is officially a Chest Rig but is extremely versatile & can be adapted to suit your needs very easily including, if you’re mad enough, to be an Armour Carrier. Warrior have achieved this by getting advice from current SF Operators, I mean who else is more qualified?

In its basic guise the Rig is comfortable, flexible & has plenty of room for Pouches thanks to the 3D Spacer Mesh Lining & its 13 MOLLE loops at its base & 6 loops on the upper folding section. Personally mine is set up with 3 Double Mag Pouches & a Medium Utility Pouch which allows me to carry everything I realistically need for a day’s mayhem & have it all instantly available at a moment’s notice. If you’re looking for more, then you can add the Warrior Back Panel which will then allow you to hook up a Hydration Pouch & anything else you might need but don’t really need cluttering up the front. The Back Panel simply installs by looping some Velcro Straps through very sturdy D Rings with extra support coming from Quick Release Buckles. This easy & simple way has the advantage of being easily removable in an emergency.

Thanks to the great design the Rig is easy to get on & off by yourself via the right hand side of the panel as it has a 2 inch Velcro tab going from top to bottom which also incorporates 3 press studs followed by a heavy duty size 10 zip finally finished with another Quick Release Buckle. Suffice to say when on you can definitely be assured your Rig isn’t going anywhere even when the going gets tough. Once it is on you can make any adjustments you need easily to suit your size etc

If this review has convinced you to try one for yourself then you can head over to the Official UK Supplier, UK Tactical. Alternatively you can try Ebay, Facebook or various forums for used ones which thanks to the superb build quality are usually in good condition.

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