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Bio BB experiment

So the players I speak to that don’t use Bio BB’s say it’s due to hearing that they bloat over time causing jams & leaving gunk in your pew pew etc. So we at ADK decided to put these sorts of rumours to the test.

Also, these days we have to consider the amount of plastic we leave lying around that isn’t going to decompose. Pre Covid consider how many rounds you would put down on a game day & multiply that by 60+ people. So shouldn’t more of us be making that switch to Bio? 

The team at 6mm Ammo very kindly supplied some of their stock for this test. We’ve been using their products for some time now & we’ve never had an issue with them or their excellent service so next time you need a restock please give them a try at 6mmammo.co.uk.

The Test

So for the test we used a fresh unopened bag of .30g bb’s from 6mm. We then removed 60 bb’s & split them in half for 2 test groups of 30. Once that was out of the way we measured 15 from each pile & 15 from the bag & all were 5.95mm diameter. One test group of 30 bb’s was then put into a cup of water, 30 bb’s into an empty cup so they were open to the elements & then resealed the bag. All 3 were then placed together in my outside garage which isn’t attached to the house or insulated so they really were exposed.

At the end of the first month we again removed 15 bb’s from each test pile & all measured the same 5.95mm they had at the start. We also noticed that the shine on all groups was still the same. We again measured the groups at the end of month 2 & then ended the test at the end of month 3.

With the 3 months completed we can confirm that all three test groups remained the same diameter throughout whilst retaining their shine.


With our results above we at ADK are happy to say that certainly these bio BB’s do not bloat over time as the rumour mill states. Post results we have also sent 1000 bb’s from the test bag, including the 2 small test groups, through one of our pew pews & the barrel has remained clean with no misfiring or stoppages. I was also pleasantly surprised to find none of the bb’s had shatered on impact.

We will leave these bb’s on test & if at any point there is a change in their condition we will update you guys further.

So with all that said shooters what are you waiting for, get some Bio’s in your pew pew & lets look after our sites.

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